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EdData II on frontlines of education reform in conflict-affected countries
– Peter Cvelich

UNESCO releases report highlighting barriers to education amid conflict.

The 2011 Education for All Global Monitoring Report released by UNESCO focuses on "the hidden crisis: armed conflict and education" in many of the countries in which the EdData II project is working. The report details the barriers to education access and quality in conflict-affected countries, which have 18 percent of the primary school age population in the world but a disproportionate 42 percent of the out-of-school children. Furthermore, the youth literacy rate in conflict-affected sub-Saharan African countries is reported as 27 percentage points lower than the rate in non-conflict affected countries. EdData II is working with government and non-governmental partners to assess and improve early grade learning outcomes in many of these countries, including Ethiopia, Liberia, Rwanda, and Yemen. Documentation of these activities is available here.

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